Can I get reduced or waived initiation for my masonry craftworkers?

Are the union guys going to welcome my employees and my company?

Can I refer candidates to the pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs?

Can I set up a specialty training program just for my masonry craftworkers?

Will the new members have health care? (Following Plan Rules)

Will new members get their benefit reports sent to their homes?

Does the BAC union (through the collective bargaining agreement) encourage a drug free workplace?

Can new members and families participate in the (MAPS) Member Assistance Program Services right away; for confidential assistance with Drug, Alcohol, etc. abuse?

Can new members receive journey-person upgrade training such as Blueprint Reading and Foreman courses?

Can the new members receive OSHA Safety Training courses?

Are all classes free to the members that are taught by the Training Department?

Will I be spending less money on administrative overhead on medical, dental and retirement programs?

Can I get immediate mobility for most of my existing masonry craftworkers?

Can I fire non-performing craftworkers?

Can I get additional union craftworkers even if I am working outside the area of Bricklayers Local 5, Oklahoma / Arkansas / Texas?