Contractor’s Value Added Benefits

The value that the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers bring to you are numerous. Here is a partial list of what you can expect from our trained workforce.


Craftworkers with excellent training, who are skilled and dedicated to deliver results with pride.

Skilled Workforce

Extensive apprenticeship training and Journeyman upgrade to enhance quality and performance.

Flexible Workforce Size

Our pool of craftworkers can be requested through the Union to man any size project. (Large or Small) Should any project require more manpower than available in any area, the Local can dispatch craftworkers Nationally through the B.A.C. Job Information Center.


Increases business productivity, and reduces per-diem and subsistence, because a pool of craftworkers is available in virtually every city.

Safer Workplace

Through the International Masonry Institute, B .A.C. Local 5, Oklahoma/Arkansas/Texas has the ability to deliver a list of Health and Safety Training including OSHA 10-30 Hour, Scaffolds, Fall protection etc.

Field Supervisory Personnel

We provide IMI foreman and superintendent training in addition to the contractor college.

Craftworker Morale

Better job provisions and family benefits provide a positive outlook for the future. They have a greater sense of pride in their work, as a part of the oldest continuous labor organization established in 1865.

Worker Loyalty and Retention

Due to pay scale and excellent affordable family benefits, you will not lose craftworkers to competitors for higher pay.

Less Worker Compensation Costs

Safer work place equals lower cost. The Union offers a captive workers compensation plan available to and consisting of Union Employer’s, hence lower rates for safer employers.

Employer Fringe Benefits

As the owner/officer of the company corporation, you can also choose to participate in the same Fringe Benefits — Pension, Family Health & Welfare etc. as the craftworkers.

Dispute Resolution Process

You will always have the benefit of the Union, and officers working with you to resolve disputes quickly. If you have a problem, so does the Union!

Apprenticeship Programs

Our Local, Regional and National apprenticeship training programs provide higher skilled registered apprentices. They are a huge asset on any prevailing wage projects, and replenishing the industry with a steady supply of young, well trained apprentices.

Industry Partnership

Whatever the needs, the Union and IMI staff will strive to achieve teamwork beneficial for contractors, craftworkers and the Masonry Industry.

Market Opportunities

IMI provides marketing and technical assistance by working with material manufacturers for product development and improvement. This to enhance utilization of Union Masonry products and Union contractors.


The International Masonry Institute (IMI) works with and provides educational programs and seminars for architectural firms for the purpose of promoting Union Masonry. No organization does it better!


Greater productivity, fewer call backs, (getting it done right the first time), with the ability to dispatch and release craft workers as needed for timely completion. Safer workforce decreases worker compensation, and finally the business partner relationship between you as a Contractor, IMI, and our Union results in a bottom line of greater profitability.