Member Benefits & Responsibilities

Free Training

When you join the Union of Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers you will receive the best career training in the industry. The International Masonry Institute (IMI) offers you what no other program can — comprehensive training programs in all masonry crafts, at all levels of your career. And it is free.


Opportunities to learn basic and advanced skills in brick, stone, marble, tile, terrazzo, refractory and skills needed for restoration projects.

Earn While You Learn

IMI’s free, expenses-paid pre-job training program gives you a clear advantage on the job, where higher skills mean higher earnings.

Additional IMI training programs let you learn and earn more throughout your entire career.


  • Excellent Pay
  • Family medical including: Dental, Vision, Prescription, and Life Insurance.
  • Job Security
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Retirement Benefits — One of the best pension, retirement and saving programs.


Proper safety and health practices are incorporated into all our training programs and the union works to ensure that every job site provides a safe working environment.

Opportunities For Advancement

BAC members can take advantage of programs for continuing education to gain skills and qualifications for roles as foreman, supervisor and to work in newer technologies.

Your Responsibilities as a BAC Member

Every BAC member is part of a legacy of success that has improved the lives of trowel trades workers across North America. BAC is known for protecting the wages, benefits and dignity of trowel trades workers, and BAC members are known for their integrity, activism and quality work. Your full commitment and participation in the activities of your local union will keep that legacy alive. As a member you are expected to participate in the Union through:

  • Safe work habits
  • Quality work
  • Involvement in union activities
  • Attendance at union meetings
  • Prompt payment of dues
  • High productivity and efficiency
  • Political activism on behalf of all workers
  • BAC members are also expected to respect one another according to the guidelines in the IU Constitution which state:
  • No member shall discriminate against another member on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age or national origin.
  • No member shall publicly make or publish false or reckless statements against another member or officer.